Jump Shoes até 65 kg - Frete não incluso

  • ¥21,900
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  • Economize ¥100

1,Relieve the shock and vibration with A shock-Absorbing Device(Flexible Spring).
2,Easy to use with shoes on, suitable for your weight and the lenght of foot.
​3,More calories and better fitness can burn for adults by this way. For children, it is useful to promote blood circulation and the growth of ossature, and then is beneficial to be taller.
4,Whether for jogging, running or even walking,Shoes defy gravity with every fun-filled step. They are so easy to balance on, soon they'll be bounding around like an astronaut on the moon. it's easy to burn calories, build fitness, coordination and strengthen leg muscles.​

 L -   23 -24.5 cm         2 Fivelas

XL -   25 - 26.5 cm       3 Fivelas