Garrafa Térmica

Garrafa Térmica

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Manufacturer: SKYJUMP

Product Name : Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Material : 304  Stainless Steel 

Capacity : 25oz / 750ml

Weight : 379g

Seal Ring : Food-Grade Silicone Material 

Keeps Cold Up to 24h

Keeps hot Up 12h



- Never put bottle in the dishwasher , dryer ,or microwave to avoid a safety accident.

- Do not put bottle next to the high temperature obj ect , so as to  avoid deformation ,

discoloration , peeling paint and the other defects.

- Do not user abrasive pownder , metal cleaning ball , grease or chlorine-containing 

detergent to avoid scratching , rusting or corrosion of the product surface.

- Don´t pack too much carbonated drinks as gas may cause the lid to eject forcefully.

- The ratting noise that may be heard when the products is shaken comes from the copper or aluminium foil in the vacuum insulation to increase heat retention and does not indicate a malfunction.